Vladislav Bystrov

Vladislav Bystrov - born 1967 in Kazan, Russia - studied jazz and classic music at St. Petersburg Akademie of Culture and finished his degree as "Master of Fine Arts" in 1994. While studying he played saxophone in the St. Petersburg Concert-Symphony-Orchestra Russia, in St. Petersburg Big-Band and in St. Petersburg Saxophone Quartett. Already this time he has collected extensive experience not only in the fields of "academic" composition, but also in free improvisation.

In 1994 he took his residence in Braunschweig, Germany. Since then he has got a reputation as an artist performing in numerous experimental projects introducing (and connecting) electronics, video, dance and painting. Typical for Bystrov' work is that it tries to combine seemingly contradictory materials, giving the composition a feeling of experiment and playfulness, with surprising turns and a variety of color. Since 2004 he has acted as artistic manager of "neue_nacht" ("new_night"), international forum for electro-acoustical music and media art.

Vlady Bystrov is touring internationally with a repertoire of solo compositions composed for his live-electronic setup - developped by the artist- and firstly performed by himself in solo-concerts "... for one musician and electronics".

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Doctor Thesis

My doctor thesis "Von der Freien Improvisation zur Echtzeitkomposition. Modelle. Formen. Strukturen" (translation: "From free improvisation to real-time composition. Models. Shapes. Structures") is available for download here (PDF, 2.6 MB, german).


Music Vita

Dr. Vlady Bystrov

Doctorate: Artistic research about "Von der Freien Improvisation zur Echtzeitkomposition. Formen. Modelle. Strukturen" at Estonian Music- and Theater Academy in Tallinn/Estland

Since 2018

Organizer and Art Director of the festival "Antiphonal - New Music in the Church"

Since 2017

Organizer and Art Director of the festival "Drei Tage Neue Musik" in Braunschweig


Since 2015

Organizer and Art Director of the festival "Ebahariliku Muusika" in Estonia


First price "Sergey Kuryokhin Art Premium" in the category Electro-Mechanica with the project "Electronic Breath" with Sergey Letov (Video)


Since 2014

Organizer and Art Director of the festivals "Braunschweiger Diagonale" (Kazan-Braunschweig)


Jean Paul composition contest: first try to participate in a contest. Resulted at 3rd place in the category Radiophonic Sound-Art with the composition "Rede des toten Christus"



First CD release at Leo Records (see Records)



Invitation to Music Omi International Musicians Residency in New York, USA (Video)


Study: New composition techniques at the Academy of Music and Drama Hamburg, Germany

Since 2004

Art director of neue_nacht international forum for electro-acoustical music and media art

Since 1999

Teacher for Clarinet and Saxophone at the Technical University Braunschweig, Germany


Music Director of Kinder- und Jugendtheater "Theaterspielplatz" Staatstheater Braunschweig, Germany

Since 1997

Management and administration own private music school (musikschule.bystrov.de)


Study: Music and its Didactic at the Technical University Braunschweig, Germany

Since 1995

Freelance musician and composer in different formations

April 1994

End of the study with the diploma and international Certifikat "Master of Fine Arts" (Video recording of exam concert)


Big Band St.-Petersburg by V. Ponarovski (Baryton Saxophone and Clarinet)


First LP with Rock'n Roll Band "Opasnye Sosedi" (Video)



Tours in Germany with own band "Happy Boys" (Video)


Russian Concert Symphonie Orchestra (St.-Petersburg) by A. Badchen (Flute / Alto Saxophone)


Study of the saxophone, arranger and Big Band conductor at St.-Petersburg Academy for Culture


Big Band St.-Petersburg by I. Atlas (Alto Saxophone)

1988-1994 + from 2004

St.-Petersburg Saxophone Quartet by A. Bolschijanov (Video)


Military in the Northern See Military Ensemble "Stroitel" (Saxophone, Clarinet and Keyboard)


Culture school St.-Petersburg (Piano, Domra, Accordion, Saxophon and Clarinet)


Music school Kazan (Clarinet & Piano)


Clarinet studies, school of music Kazan

1974 - 1982

General secondary school no. 66 in Kazan



Born 19.06.1967 in Kazan