Free improvisation with musicians from all over the world

Free improvisation is my great passion. Improvisation is the art of creating from nothing: a forgotten art form. Art that stays and that is what you can not explain, but hear, feel, and approach yourself step by step. Approaching as an attempt and a way to reconcile things, to get to the bottom of the feelings of music, to work together in sometimes rigid bonds - as well as notes. Such an art form must be improvised, must be able to move freely in the present without being burdened with the dead weight of the past. It is necessary to rediscover this form and to look for a new harmony in a disciplined manner.

Together with great musicians from all over the world, I was allowed to complete performances as part of my doctoral thesis, which are listed below. My doctoral thesis on improvisation can be downloaded from the biography page.

A. Pett, C. Baumann, L. Mockunas & V. Bystrov

Project Free Improvisation,

Anto Pett (Piano), Christoph Baumann (Piano), Liudas Mockūnas (Saxophone) und Vlady Bystrov (Alto-Clarinet). METRIC Improvisation Intensive III, 3 to 10. April 2018 at Royal Conservatoire Scotland, Glasgow (Video)

Improvisation with Dror Feiler & Eve Neumann

Project Free Improvisation,

Free improvisation by Dror Feiler (Alto-Saxophone and Electronics), Eve Neumann (Alto-Saxophone) and Vlady Bystrov (Alto-Saxophone) in Organhall of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, 04.10.2017 (Video).

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Trio Brötzmann/Pett/Bystrov

Project Free Improvisation,

Concert of Trio Broetzmann Pett in Dornse Altstadtrathaus Braunschweig (Video).

L. Mockunas, N. Andorra, A. Pett, V. Bystrov & A. Shorr

Project Free Improvisation,

Free improvisation by Liudas Mockunas (Soprano-Saxophone), Vlady Bystrov (Alto-Saxophone), Nuriá Andorrà (Percussion), Anto Pett (Piano) and Aaron Shorr (Piano) at A. Schönberg Hall of the Royal Conservatoire in Den Haag, 06.03.2017 (Video).

"Annäherungen" with Slava Gayvoronsky

Project Free Improvisation,

Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky (Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Flute) and Vlady Bystrov (Soprano- and Alto-Saxophone, Alto-Clarinet) at Soundmuseum St. Petersburg, 20.03.2016 (Video).

Alistair McDonald & Vlady Bystrov in Tallinn

Project Free Improvisation,

Free Improvisation by Vlady Bystrov (Saxophone) and Alistair McDonald (Live-Electronic) in the Chamber Hall of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, 05.02.2016 (Video).

Improvisation with Agusti Fernandez and Anne-Liis Poll

Project Free Improvisation,

Free improvisation by Anne-Liis Poll (voice), Vlady Bystrov (sopran sax) and Agusti Fernandez (piano) in Chamber Hall of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, 24.11.2015 (Video).

4 Reeds at Leo Records Fest in Berlin

Project Free Improvisation,

4 Reeds (german-russian Quartet) at Leo Records Fest with Frank Gratkowski (Bass-Clarinet, Alto-Saxophone), Alexey Kruglov (Alto-Saxophone, Alto-Clarinet), Vlady Bystrov (Alto-Saxophone, Alto-Clarinet) and Gebhard Ullmann (Bass-Clarinet, Tenor-Saxophone), B-Flat Jazzclub in Berlin, 30.12.2014 (Video).

With Agustí Fernández & Tapani Heikinheimo

Project Free Improvisation,

Improvisation by Vlady Bystrov with Agustí Fernández and Tapani Heikinheimo at Estonian Music and Theater Academy, 11.12.2014 in Tallinn (Video).

"Trioloque" Recording by Leo Records

Project Free Improvisation,

Helen Bledsoe (Flutes), Vlady Bystrov (Clarinet, Alto-Saxophone) and Alexey Lapin (Piano), performance at Experimental Sound Gallery in St. Petersburg Russia, 04.01.2013 (Video). The CD recording of the concert was published as "Trioloque" at Leo Records (LR 663).