The most immediate and effective form of communication is dialogue. Dialogue in its highest form is creation out of nothing: the only true creation. An art form that strives for maximum effectiveness in times of extreme urgency must be based on dialogue. Listening to yourself, combining the mosaic of your own thoughts and sounds with those of your counterpart to form a total work of art, the story of a musical approach of two souls begins and ends...

Bystrov has already tried the concept of the extreme counterpoint between precisely composed music and free improvisation in several different collaborations. For example in a duo with the Berlin composer Dietrich Eichmann, Moscow's Sergey Letov and last but not least with the St. Petersburg Alexey Lapin, in which the audience could experience very different, always highly intensive performances.

Duo Fantastique with Tatjana Prelevic

Duo Fantastique with pianist and composer Tatjana Prelevic: Technically perfect, musically powerful and always of immensely engaging virtuosity, the two musicians succeed in the daring high-wire act between new music and an absolutely unique abstraction of improvised music. Energized unfolding power - from the delicate touch to key escapades, from the mini motif to room-filling improvisation!

Third Step with Sergey Letov

The music of the experimental duo "Third Step" - Vlady Bystrov and Sergey Letov (both woodwind instruments with live electronics, synthesizer and soundscapes) is democratic and free. The sound collages that the duo creates are very energetic and only serve as a point of reference for the duo to communicate with each other. Out of this free togetherness of the energetic beginning is an initially restrained bass clarinet solo by Vlady Bystrov, avant-garde and New Music supporter from St. Petersburg, but increasingly "sonicated" by the saxophones of Sergey Letov, an institution in the improvisational music scene in Moscow. Live electronics, new music, instant composing - the harmonies meet, play around and result in a fascinating new thing. And they deal with the basic opposites of the world: zest for life and sadness; they are the foundations of this music. The listener always discovers new variants and is enchanted by the tightness and directness of the music. From this new free improvisation event an intense sound collage develops, with an inner pulse but absolute freedom of improvisation, which seems to be rushing to a high point so to speak. Different music cultures, represented by two bodys of sound, meet here. And despite all the differences, they complement each other into a mesmerizing whole.

The video shows the "Electronic Breath" project, for which the two received a renowned Kuriokhin Premium for Modern Art in St. Petersburg in the "Best Electronic Project 2014" category.

Duo Bystrov-Eichmann

The Braunschweig multi-instrumentalist Vlady Bystrov and the Berlin composer Dietrich Eichmann forming the duo Bystrov-Eichmann, which draws its creative energy from the friction between the disciplines. For the concentrated improvisations not only their instrumental abilities are used, but also an unconventional mix of live electronics and processing. (Video)

Reverie - The most beautiful melodies in the world for organ and wind instruments

Based on well-known works of classical music, the duo comes to improvisations at the highest level. The program includes original works by Bach, Mozart, Rachmaninov or Shostakovich, which are brought into a coherent concept and adapted in a wonderful way. The influences from classical and new music don't look like quotes from another world, but are woven into a very vital and coherent symbiosis. A musical delight with fascinating sound images come alive and breaks listening habits without frightening.

Hans-Dieter Karras and Vlady Bystrov plaing in this video. They are successful performing on national and international stages.

Here you can see the piece “The enigmatic Sphynx” by Tatar composer A. Luppov, dedicated to Vlady Bystrov.


Rimsky-Korsakov. Crosswise

"Rimsky-Korsakov. Crosswise" was created in free interaction with the pianist Alexey Lapin, Rimsky-Korsakov is only involved in the spirit. What sounds here would have chased him through the ceiling. The attitude of the two musicians - mosquito shit on paper can crosswise us, "I do what I damn please" - is at least refreshing. Frankensteinian electric shocks (via Akai EWI, Kaoss Pad 3 & Air FX) create weird tones, the rapidity and virtuosity of the cantilever music sounds promptly like the nozzle-drive laboratory and experimental club, not like chamber. Bystrov's inventions in particular are unthinkable without jazz, but in their entirety - in what drawer should "Cuimian qu" for the Chinese mouth organ Bawu and prepared piano fit? - the pieces comprise a sum of what can be done with saxophonistic imagination and pianistic backing (Video, PDF). This project is also available on CD.