The Enchanted 3

Anne-Liis Poll: Electronic, Percussion and Vocal
Anto Pett: Piano and
prepared piano
Vlady Bystrov: Clarinets and Saxophone

No, music is neither logical nor rational, it is as puzzling as the Sphinx. And we ourselves are the Sphinx. This is how Vlady Bystrov introduces The Enchanted 3, the magic he unfolds with saxophones and clarinets together with Anto Pett on piano and Anne-Liis Poll (vocals, percussion & live electronics). 2/3 of the Free Tallinn Trio newly tinted with a blower that was shaped by 27 Russian and 19 Braunschweiger years. Poll sings magical without many words, but here and there, for example in her aria 'Keen', but perhaps understandable only for her estonian compatriots. With 'Music box', a stolen art piece from a comic opera plucked with Kalimba, I'm still a little less sure. These dramatic art songs are embedded in intuitive and freely invented harmonies, which only true experts can conjure up off the cuff.

Quite with classic hints of Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Tormis, while folkloricly pointed with percussive sounds. 'Fair' is then also carnivalesque, with a prepared piano trill, bickering through a mouthpiece and declaiming and chattered clowning by Poll, both in contrast to the serious clarinet. The singing on 'Shadow' is then subtly capricious, no longer coarse, but surreally fluttering, a moody Türilü from a country that even the most knowledgeable satellite cannot locate. 'Enchanted' recently plays the Baba-Yaga card, witch laughter, shaman chatter and beatboxing from the Finno-Ugric Urquell, underwhelmed by Pett with full hands and lighted by Bystrov with the tongue of an angel (Video 1, Video 2).

Source: CD review of Bad Alchemy magazine, edition BA 80/14. The CD recording is available here.

Trio with accordion and saxophone

Eve Neuman: Alto- and Soprano-Saxophone
Ekaterina Semenova: Accordeon
Vlady Bystrov: Wind Instruments

A trio in an unusual line-up.