Quattro Quarti feat. Vlady Bystrov

Eve Neumann: Soprano-Saxophone
Jandra Puusepp: Alto-Saxophone
Ursula Chillaud: Tenor-Saxophone
Liis Mäevälja: Baritone-Saxophon

A versatile ensemble with an innovative program concept: modern chamber music with live electronics for all five saxophones. Their own handwriting is also clearly recognizable in terms of interpretation: the extremely homogeneous and carefully balanced ensemble culture also benefits from its elegant, always round and warm sound. Fortunately, the musicians do not rest on this, but are able to do justice to their stylistically diverse repertoire with a large, above all dynamically differentiated versatility and an excitingly eloquent creative will.

Concert excerpt from the "Musika Astea Bermeoko XXXII Nazioarteko Music Festival" on August 1st, 2017, Santa Maria Church in Bermeo / Spain (Video).

String Quartett

The program includes works of classical modernism for string quartet and solo instrument, as well as newer compositions with free improvisation. Here, as an example, "Zoom In" by Daniel Shnyder with the Ensemble Megaphone (Video), "Cries in the Dark" with the Orfarion String Quartet Moscow (Video) and Dietrich Eichmann "Flight for Liudas" u. L. by Prof. Gerard Buquet (Video).

Ensemble Klangwerkstatt Braunschweig

Eike Christian Schäfer: Oboe
Alfred Böhm: Bassoon
Michael Klamp: Horn & Alphorn
Hans Krauss: Accordeon
Vlady Bystrov: Clarinet & Saxophon

A new ensemble for contemporary music that is currently omnipresent in Braunschweig's public music scene. The musicians met for the first time in 2016 to record a program for the "Braunschweiger Diagonale" festival. Since then they have been regularly making new concert programs for the "Three Days of New Music" and "Antiphonal" festivals. It is dedicated - with different emphases - almost exclusively to the music of the 20th and 21st centuries, from the classical modern to the avant-garde and experimental forms, partly in connection with theater, dance, visual arts, film and other arts (Video).

St. Petersburg Saxophone Quartet

Andrei Bolschijanov: Soprano-Saxophone
Vlady Bystrov: Alto-Saxophone

Jana Kataeva: Tenor-Saxophone
Vitaly Chernyh: Bariton-Saxophone

The St. Petersburg Saxophone Quartet was formed in 1987, and has since established a strong reputation for performing new music in Russia and abroad. To date, over 30 works have been composed for and premiered by the Quartet, primarily by Russian composers. Winning new-found enthusiasm for the saxophone quartet and its diverse repertory, the ensemble’s program ranges also from the Baroque to innovative contemporary works to imaginative transcriptions. Moving beyond the traditional repertory for four saxophones, SPSQ performs works covering composers from Jan P. Sweelinck (1562-1621), Bach, Mozart to Glazunov, a turn-of-the-century Russian composer who was one of the first composers for saxophone quartet, and genres from Classical works to contemporary works with funk and jazz influences. For more than a fifteen years SPSQ has been responsible for a significant broadening of the repertoire for saxophone quartet through its commissioning projects, premiering new works by Nikolaj Petrov, Artur Nikiforof and many others.